SNUBBER Software Info

Snubber Program Outline

The Snubber Program software feature administers and implements the Dynamic Restraint (Snubber) Program using industry accepted standards and guidance.

There are three primary focus areas associated with the Snubber Program:

•   Visual Examinations

•   Operational Readiness Testing

•   Service Life Monitoring

The software represents a digital “Program Notebook” covering the full range of high level program information right down to equipment specific tracking and trending. Even your spare snubbers can be tracked for recertification and availability to specific snubber groups.

Individual examinations and tests can be tracked and those types with trendable attributes can be monitored for degradation and their failure forecasted.

External linking capability to documents, photographs, video files and more are included with this invaluable software tool.

EP-Plus ENGAGE is easily expanded to other Engineering Programs. Common platform facilitates interchangeability of program owners. Experience a seamless program transition across units, stations or the entire fleet. Platform design supports near term installation schedules and reduces IT burden. Intuitive interface reduces training burden on a large scale. Programs not identified are easily developed.

Manager - Augi Cardillo

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