Advanced and Custom Courses

Advanced Courses

Performance Monitoring Software Use
Detailed explanation and workshops on how to use thermal performance software to: 

  • Find lost plant generation
  • Perform design analyses
  • Generate reports
  • Evaluate plant changes

Power Plant Thermodynamic Applications
In depth study of thermodynamics as it relates to the analysis of power plant components and cycles. This course will take you through the theory and application using many hands-on examples. All components of the power plant will be covered in detail.

Power Plant Testing
This course enables an engineer to design and implement a full scale ASME PTC-6 test along with other component tests for feedwater heaters, condensers and cooling towers.

Turbine Specification Development
The aging fleet is looking at the new vendor turbine designs as a way of improving and extending the life of existing investments. This course provides the necessary information to ensure that the generation purchased will be the generation delivered.

Custom Training Courses
In the past year, True North has conducted many custom on-site courses. Please contact us at (856) 391-3347 or e-mail for additional details.

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