Heat Balance Analysis

True North has over 25 years of modeling experience using PEPSE, the industry standard for heat balance software.  Even if the utility does not own a copy of the software, heat balance evaluations can be performed for design or diagnostic purposes.  The heat balance model determines the thermodynamic conditions (pressures, temperatures, flows etc…) at various locations in the secondary plant.  This information can be used for either design analysis or for understanding the affects of abnormal plant conditions.  Listed below are some of the heat balance evaluation services True North has experience in providing.

  • Power Uprate Turbine Cycle Evaluation:  Many plants are opting to increase their power output by increasing the thermal generating capability of the plant.  True North can provide detailed analysis of the secondary cycle to find the “pinch points” which may be limiting for the proposed power uprate.
  • Steam Generator Replacement Evaluations:  Most steam generator replacement projects require interface with the secondary cycle heat balance.  True North has experience working with Steam Generator replacement projects to insure the two sides of the plant are adequately matched up to obtain the expected results.
  • Model Development & Improvements:  Heat balance models can either be developed from scratch or improved to more accurately reflect plant conditions.  Model improvement can also be made to aid in day to day performance evaluation of plant efficiency.
  • Run a “what if” operating scenario (heater out of service, etc.)
  • Plant Condition Evaluation:  If a plant is experiencing a thermal efficiency or even a reliability problem, the secondary heat balance model can be used to evaluate the condition.
  • Plant Modification Studies:  When a modification is proposed for a plant, a heat balance evaluation can determine the effect of the modification on the entire turbine cycle thus preventing a good idea from turning into a bad application.
  • Environmental Heat Rejection Studies:  Both Federal and State agencies require permits and have requirements for heat rejection to the environment.  True North has experience performing engineering evaluations of the power plant’s heat rejection for permit renewal and design modifications.
  • Megawatt Loss Evaluations The heat balance software can be leveraged to provide identification of efficiency losses and to evaluate the magnitude of a plant efficiency problem.
  • Vendor Claim Evaluation:  Evaluations can be performed on vendor’s (Turbine, Feed water Heater, and Moisture Separator Re-heater) proposals to independently assess the impact or MWe increase of a proposed modification.
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