Capabilities and Methodology

Our Capabilities

True North Consulting is highly qualified to perform routine thermal performance and equipment acceptance testing. Our engineers have extensive experience in various types of power plant testing in accordance with the applicable industry standard test codes (ASME, ATC, ASHRA, etc.)

  • Heat Rate testing
  • Capacity testing
  • Steam Turbine testing (nuclear, fossil, combined cycle)
  • Gas Turbine testing
  • Feedwater Heater testing
  • Cooling Tower testing
  • Boiler testing
  • Pump testing
  • Condenser testing
  • Accurate flow testing
  • Diagnostics
  • Troubleshooting
  • Overall plant monitoring
  • Heat Exchanger testing
  • Moisture Separator Reheater testing

True North Consulting can also provide custom Thermal Performance Testing services to fit individual plant requirements.


  • Participate in an on-site kick off meeting
  • Perform on-site plant walk down
  • Prepare information request
  • Review plant schematics, P&IDs, heat balances and other plant data
  • Prepare detailed test procedure in accordance with applicable test codes
  • Provide sufficient manpower to properly install and validate test instrumentation
  • Perform pretest analysis with thermodynamic modeling software
  • Prepare test calculation spreadsheet using TP-PLUS TSM Thermal System Monitoring Software
  • Prepare cycle isolation analysis using TP-PLUS CIM Valve Leakage Analysis Software
  • Provide on-site test supervision, coordination and support
  • Perform detailed data reduction, test data analysis
  • Deliver a peer-reviewed, comprehensive final report with incorporation of customer comments
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