TP-Plus™ Cycle Isolation Monitor

TP-PlusCIM is a unique software product designed and developed for advanced cycle isolation and secondary cycle leakage predictions. This is a valuable tool for any thermal performance program to quantify generation, efficiency and cycle flow lost from valve problems.

Generating plants often suffer from power loses due to leakages through valves that are faulty and/or do not seat correctly. Often these losses are significant and are difficult to quantify. With TP-Plus CIM, plant personnel can quickly detect AND quantify leakage losses (in MWe & Btus!) in a plant cycle.

Convenient input forms for each valve are available for easy access to add or edit valve information. Data for each valve are entered into TP-Plus CIM which then produces results from advanced cycle isolation loss calculations which can be graphed and reported to monitor valve degradation over time.
TP-Plus CIM is unique in offering up to five different methods to predict valve leakages providing the user with confidence in the results. This information is then used to prioritize maintenance and repair of valves. 

The software takes inputs from a plant walkdown or directly from the plant computer. These inputs are used by TP-Plus CIM to estimate the leakage flow which is used to calculate megawatt or heat rate effects.

Benefits of TP-PLUS CIM

  • Identify faulty valves.
  • Establish a cycle isolation performance monitoring program.
  • Recover lost megawatts and heat rate degradation.
  • Reduce elapsed time between the start of a valve leakage and the correction of the problem.

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