Generic & Classroom Simulators

GSE collaborates with customers and dozens of major universities and national laboratories to create universal simulators for the classroom. Our simulators offer top-quality simulation fidelity while giving instructors user-friendly tools that enhance the training experience and provide opportunities to control and explore complex power plant systems safely.

GSE’s combination of simulation technology and expert engineering was chosen to build first-of-a-kind simulators for the AP1000, PBMR, NuScale, and mPower plants and simulation applications for plants worldwide. We work closely with industry insiders and researchers to create innovative simulator capabilities and new design validations and to research human factor engineering, controls optimization, and cyber security.

Interactive Glass-Top Simulator (V-PANEL)

Utilize your existing simulator load while bringing many full-scope simulator capabilities into the classroom. The VPanel uses digital representations of plant operating panels to interface your full-scope simulator load. The VPanel provides virtually all the capabilities of your full-scope simulator for a fraction of the cost.

Used standalone for one control array or in groups to represent an entire control room, V-Panel simulators can be an affordable training tool alternative to your full-scope nuclear power plant simulator. This allows for more training with greater flexibility.

Running GSE’s JADE simulation software, V-Panel simulators are scalable and operate in real-time. They can be plant-specific and configured to run your existing ANS-3.5 simulator load.

Generic Nuclear Simulator (GPWR)

The Generic PWR (GPWR) nuclear plant simulator model provides high-definition, real-time simulation at a fraction of the time and cost it takes to develop a fully customized simulation. GPWR is a full-scope model of a nuclear plant simulation suitable for operator training and forging team-based skills among operating crews. It is also a practical tool for developing procedures and evaluating control room design for ergonomics and functionality. This system is ideal for teaching the fundamentals of PWR operations, particularly for countries considering new nuclear power programs and lacking access to full-scope nuclear power plant simulators.

Generic Thermal (Fossil) Simulator

While many fossil plants are moving to digital controls, local panels are often still based on analog technology. VPanel simulators can be used as an affordable training tool to simulate the function of analog panels. This allows for more training with greater flexibility. Running GSE’s JADE simulation software, VPanel simulators are scalable and operate in real time. They can be plant-specific, configured and run your existing simulator load.

Generic Combined Cycle (GCC) Simulator

The Generic Combined Cycle (GCC) simulator is a full-scope replica of a 1X1X1 Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plant controlled using GSE’s Jade Instructor Station. It has built-in initial conditions, remote functions, malfunctions, component failures, and a self-paced startup procedure. It creates a comprehensive and authentic training experience that provides an understanding of the knowledge required to successfully operate a CCGT power plant.

Simulation Supervisor Training Course

A two-day course that gives you the tools for understanding regulatory requirements and industry best practices. For your convenience, this course is mobile. You can visit one of our locations to get away from the daily duties of the job and concentrate on the course, or we can come to you!

Understanding regulatory requirements and the reasoning behind them will help to:

  • Eliminate the risk of NRC findings
  • Eliminate costly corrective actions
  • Allow staff to be proactive instead of reactive

Learning about the processes and procedures implemented by other Simulator Supervisors can help to:

  • Find inefficiencies in your current processes and procedures
  • Learn how the use of new technologies may help you to streamline your processes and better align resources
  • Determine the best options for your staff

GSE Engineering Logo

GSE Engineering, Systems & Simulation group is a highly experienced team focused on creating innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs using a combination of our industry-leading services and products. We leverage specialized technology and expertise in simulation, modeling and on-demand learning to create agile, end-to-end training solutions that reduce risk and optimize performance.


  • Interactive, soft panel technology
  • Full plant training simulator
  • Configured for both team and individual environments
  • “Plant specific” simulator running your existing ANS 3.5 simulator load
  • Affordable additional training simulator relieving many of the demands on your full-scope simulator
  • Opportunity to cross-train other plant disciplines without affecting operations training
  • Enable operations personnel to practice infrequent or abnormal operations

Scalable to fit your training needs from one array to enough to display your entire control panel with realistic panel configuration to train on bench board and vertical panels