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GSE has been at the forefront of successful procedure and technical writing methodology and implementation practices for both public and private client sites. The roots of our procedure expertise began in the nuclear power industry, where high-quality procedure programs are vital to plant safety.

The common denominator across all business sectors is intelligent, yet fallible, humans who work on systems or within processes. The complexity of these business environments, along with the inherent fallibility of the employees, presents risk. A human factored Policy and Procedure (P&P) program is a critical business tool to mitigate that risk.

GSE empowers clients by delivering a combination of quality people and quality processes; producing quality procedures. We engage technical writers who are trained, experienced, Subject Matter Experts in their given fields and arm them with processes that produce top-quality business results.

Procedure Assessments

Our comprehensive assessments can analyze all aspects of a P&P program. GSE will work closely with the client to determine the level and depth of assessment necessary. During this assessment phase we strive to form a valuable relationship with our client, allowing us to tailor our assessments to the firm’s needs. We spend time directly with the documentation end users to understand the culture of operations and the unique challenges facing the business audience.

We understand the relationship that business culture has with P&P, so our solutions are carefully tailored to empower our clients to reduce operational risk while addressing the cultural needs of the employees.

Presentation of Findings

We present our detailed report to client leadership indicating gaps to industry best practices and providing recommendations for program improvement. Once our recommendations have been presented, we then help the client prioritize resolutions to the areas of concern. Additionally, we consult on providing successful approaches to obtaining the budget necessary for the project.

Planning and Preparation

As the project transitions from assessment to implementation, GSE provides a comprehensive suite of resources and services to build a solid project plan for implementation, including training, performance metrics, milestones, quality control, communication, and sustainability measures to ensure successful implementation. Prior to implementation, our team will tailor, build and deliver the key components of a robust P&P program:

  • Procedure Writer’s Guide
  • Procedure Authoring Tool (template)
  • Procedure Development Process
  • Document Hierarchy
  • Procedure Use and Adherence Standards

Project Management & Staffing

With a pre-defined project scope GSE offers staffing or staff augmentation services for project implementation, providing these value-added services on-site or remotely.

From an entire procedure upgrade project to providing additional staff support, we deliver trained, experienced procedure professionals who get the job done. Our level of staffing support can vary to meet the needs of each individual client and project:

Large Upgrade Projects

Whether the client requires a new P&P program or an update to an existing program, GSE has the expertise to deploy an independent team to handle the entire workload of the project – allowing the client to focus on business operations. Our P&P teams are staffed with all personnel essential to completing an effective project, including an experienced project manager, technical writers and reviewers, technical editors, training staff and document administration personnel. At project commencement, we take the time to train each team member on the specifics of the project to ensure a smooth, on-time implementation of each project phase.

Staff Augmentation

If the client has more P&P work than available personnel, GSE can provide the additional experienced resources to handle overflow work, compress the project timeline, reduce backlog, or tackle a specific area of expertise.

Special Projects & Consulting

When a change in business presents the need to update a set of Policies and Procedures specifically for that modification, GSE can provide the P&P expertise needed to complete these specialty projects on time and on budget. Additionally, our procedure professionals can provide individualized consulting expertise to explore our client’s needs or run parallel to internal P&P project progress.

GSE Workforce Solutions, a division of GSE Solutions, leverages over 40 years of specialized field expertise to provide first-class staffing, training and consulting solutions that alleviate pressure from workforce reductions and continuing education needs.

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